Employment mediation

Choosing the right candidate is very important for the growth of your business and therefore rely with full confidence on our many years of experience and market recognition in providing quality workers.

In this way, you will achieve a reduction in your own costs, and ensure the maximum quality of the recruitment and selection process.

With the engagement of all available recruitment channels, we can provide you with candidates for management and specialized positions, as well as for operational positions in all industries, at any time. Thanks to the available resources, we also offer a quick replacement of candidates based on the internal database of candidates.

Our experience in recruiting and selecting the right staff is a guarantee that we will finally offer you the best candidates who fit your criteria. Our recruiters specialize in top management positions, as well as in the mass selection of a large number of required candidates, with adequate replacement provided as soon as possible.

MG Group offers you everything from the preparation of advertisements, the entire process of recruitment and selection, testing competencies and skills to presenting the best candidates through reports and organizing the final interview with you. The final choice of employee is your decision.

In the process of recruitment and selection, we use different channels in finding candidates. The selection process begins with a search of our candidate database of over 30,000 CVs, followed by advertising on our website and social networks, as well as on partner web portals.

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