Employment of workers

Employees are a success factor in any type of business if they are deployed according to their qualifications, experience and abilities. We will help you achieve your goal.

We organize all steps in the employment process for your future employees from drafting and signing employment contracts, through organizing and compiling supporting documentation, to applying to the Central Register of Compulsory Social Insurance.

Due to the seasonal needs of the business, you need to hire a part-time workforce. We have a solution for you. MG Group provides you with services tailored to your temporary employment needs in order to be able to adequately respond to changes in business dynamics at any time.

The workers work for you, but they are employed by MG Group according to the employment contract concluded with us. Depending on your needs, the employment can be based on a fixed or indefinite period of time. We can take over the workers from you, but we can also organize the selection for your needs and then hire candidates through our company. Your benefit is that you use our many years of experience in selecting the right profiles of workers and you have the privilege of flexibility that allows you to meet the planned budget. You can rely on our timely services, because we are always there when you need us thanks to a wide network of offices and associates.

You have the opportunity to focus on your core business and allow us to take care of everything else: HR administration (employee registration and deregistration, contracts, certificates, etc.) and accounting, payroll, tax returns, sending pay slips, etc. .).

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