Maintenance Manager

Exciting Career Opportunity: Maintenance Manager

Company: AS Braća Stanković, in collaboration with MG Group

Are you an experienced maintenance professional with strong organizational and technical skills? MG Group is partnering with AS Braća Stanković to find a dedicated individual to join their team as a Maintenance Manager. This is a fantastic opportunity to oversee maintenance processes and ensure high standards across multiple locations.

Position Title: Maintenance Manager

Duties and Responsibilities:

· Plan, organize, manage, and control maintenance processes and work at all Division of Operations locations, including building, equipment, and work tool maintenance.

· Record types of work, scope of work, use of spare parts, and quality of maintenance services.

· Maintain and repair devices, equipment, and installations.

· Maintain electrical installations in all work units.

· Stay updated on scientific advancements in technology and techniques in the baking industry.

· Initiate improvements in maintenance technology, equipment repair, and work tools.

· Issue necessary orders and instructions, and control the work of executors.

· Ensure the operational implementation of maintenance services.

· Plan optimal quantities of needed parts and consumables.

· Control and account for used materials and spare parts.

· Create work lists and calculation lists.

· Regularly check the condition of all electrical devices and take preventive measures for their safe operation.

· Organize and monitor regular maintenance and servicing of equipment.

· Troubleshoot and repair work tools and devices.

· Control and record machine working hours and performed interventions.

· Inform superiors about minimum stock levels of spare parts and consumables.

· Undergo sanitary inspections.

· Reassign workers to positions, determine days off, schedule annual leave, and continuously train employees.

· Monitor work processes and report any irregularities to superiors.

· Ensure compliance with company rules, procedures, and legal obligations.

· Implement standards prescribed by the quality management system and occupational health and safety measures.

· Perform other duties as assigned by the immediate supervisor.


· Directly responsible to the Operations Manager for the accurate and timely completion of job tasks and duties.

Qualifications and Requirements:

· Secondary or higher education in electrical or mechanical engineering.

· Previous work experience in the same or similar positions.

· Practical knowledge and use of tools.

· Strong organizational skills.

· Willingness to lead a team and work as part of a team.

· Willingness to work in shifts.

· Proficient in computer skills.

How to Apply: If you meet the qualifications and are excited about this opportunity, please submit your resume and cover letter to with the subject line "Maintenance Manager Application - [Your Name]" or fill out the form.

Join AS Braća Stanković and MG Group and contribute to our excellence in maintenance and operations. We look forward to welcoming a new member to our dynamic team!

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